Package com.marsching.flexiparse.parser

Parsers and handlers.


Interface Summary
HandlerContext Provides context information to a ParsingHandler.
NodeHandler Instances of this interface are used by parsers to parse XML files.
Parser Parsers parse XML files and produce object trees .
ParsingHandler Parsing handlers are called by the Parser for matching XML nodes.

Class Summary
ClasspathConfiguredParser Parser implementation that loads the configuration using the context class loader.
OSGiAwareParser Parser implementation that looks for configuration files in OSGi bundles and uses the class loader of the file's bundle to load classes.
SimpleParser Simple implementation of the Parser interface.
XMLConfigurationReader Reads a XML configuration file and returns handler configurations.
XMLConfiguredParser Parser implementation that is configured using XML configuration files.

Package com.marsching.flexiparse.parser Description

Parsers and handlers.

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