mod_dummyphp - an Apache module that does nothing


About mod_dummyphp

On servers using suPHP, users might experience problems when installing third-party software, that uses the php_value or php_flag directives in a .htaccess file.

Although suPHP cannot properly support this directives for architectural reasons, at least they can be ignored, so that no error message is produced. In fact, often the settings won't be needed or may be the default settings provided by the server configuration anyway. In this cases mod_dummyphp will make the software work out of the box by accepting these configuration directives without doing anything.

If special PHP settings are needed for a software, this module will not suffice and a php.ini with the correct settings will have to be placed in the application directory.

How to install

After downloading the source code, the module has to be built using apxs. Depending on the distribution and the Apache version you are using apxs might be called apxs2. Therefore the path to the apxs is expressed using the variable ${APXS} in the following examples.

The module can be compiled using

${APXS} -c mod_dummyphp.c

This will create a The location of this file depends on the Apache version you are using. For Apache 1.3 the file will be placed within the same directory. For Apache 2.x a subdirectory with the name .libs will be created.

After building the module, copy the file to your Apache module directory. The path to this directory depends on the distribution you are using. To activate the module you have to load it in your Apache configuration using the line

LoadModule dummyphp_module path/to/

For Apache 1.3 a second line

AddModule mod_dummyphp.c

has to be added to the configuration.


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